COVID-19 Business Recovery Grant

In response to the COVID-19 public health crisis and developing economic impacts being experienced the City of Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Economic Development Authority (EDA) is offering financial assistance under the COVID-19 Business Recovery Grant program to local small businesses experiencing challenges to their operations.

Applications and questions should be submitted via

Eligibility (full requirements listed in application packet):

  • For-profit small businesses, independently owned franchise locations with principal locations in Portsmouth (if a franchisee has multiple locations, they are only eligible to apply for one grant), nonprofit organizations with operations based in Portsmouth. (Religious establishments are ineligible at this time.)
  • Have 50 FTE employees or fewer as of 03/01/2020.

Grant Funding (full details can be found in the application packet):

  • $10,000 Business Recovery Grants will be awarded as one-time reimbursement grants based on eligible and verifiable business expenses, please see full list and parameters in application.
  • Total of $1 Million in Business Recovery Grants will be awarded.